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Reviews for the Public Offerings Series


Bill Crook reviewed Public Offerings Book Three: Killer Priest

5 of 5 Stars on Amazon

Mystery and excitement
I think this Book 3, the previous Books 1&2 and the final Book 4 are on a par with Tom Clancy's novels. I picked up the first two books on my Kindle for free' The last two I purchased. They were so good I almost feel I should send you $8.00. Bob is a great story-teller, I'm looking forward to 2014 for his next one.

Carol K. reviewed Public Offerings: Complete Series

5 of 5 Stars on Amazon

Great read
This is a fantastic thriller. It provides insights into politics, drama, science, business and religion while tying it all to realities and insights into regions of Africa. I found the book extremely captivating especially the struggles of the various characters. I felt the author was speaking to me from a deep conviction about most of the issues he was putting his characters through. I highly recommend the book, you won't be able to put it down.

David Root reviewed Public Offerings: Complete Series

5 of 5 Stars on Amazon

A Great Read! 
If you like a story filled with plot twists, controversial topics and great character development Public Offerings is the book for you. Mr. LiVolsi has woven a complex fabric in his first novel and fortunately, a follow-on second book will hopefully answer some of the most poignant questions raised in Public Offerings. Thanks for the great read!

KristyL reviewed Public Offerings: Complete Series

5 of 5 Stars on Amazon

Excellent Book
This has been a great read - I highly recommend it. Just different enough so that you do not want to put it down. Not your ordinary thriller. Hope Bob Livolsi writes more in this genre because I sure will buy them!

headman reviewed Public Offerings: Complete Series

4 of 5 Stars on Amazon


This was a fast paced thriller with some great twists. The mix of technology (not too much) and geo-political suspense made the time go quickly. I read this book in two days. The short chapters made the character development effective and organized. The chapter time stamps moved the story in a smooth logical progression. The sub-plots kept me guessing who was who until the end of the read. I will welcome future endeavors from Mr. LiVolsi