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Malaria Vaccine submitted for regulatory approval

Jul 25 2014

Very encouraging headline news today. GlaxoSmithKline submitted a malaria vaccine to EU for regulatory approval today. Huge step. This is anticipated in and a key element of the Public Offerings thriller series. More about the vaccine in the news today here: Offerings Book One can be found in both paperback and eBook at

New Kirkus Review of Public Offerings Book One (Birthright) – very positive

20 Jul 2014

Kirkus Reviews just released a very positive review of Public Offerings Book One: Birthright. It can be found at

“A terrific launch for the author’s series, but readers may want to have the sequels handy.” – Kirkus Reviews.

Feels great to see this along with the other positive reviews from readers.  Hopefully, thriller readers have an appetite for thrillers about biotech conspiracies and terrorism in West Africa. The news of the Ebola virus spreading in Sierra Leone and the death of AIDS researchers in the downing of the Malaysian flight in the Ukraine – both ring too close to home re: Public Offerings.