About the Author

​With the Public Offerings series about pandemic conspiracy, Bob LiVolsi won the Writers League of Texas manuscript contest for best thriller. Public Offerings Book 1: Birthright was also a Clue Award Finalist for best thriller or mystery.

Bob is President of Vaccine Research, LLC, a vaccine technology company with a patent and patents pending for technology that can dramatically increase the reach of immunizations in the less developed world. Vaccine Research seeks to improve quality of life and contribute to the effort to get ahead of pandemics before they happen. He currently is one of a team of advisors with PandemicTech which is developing an ecosystem for innovations to advance global health security and solve the challenge of pandemic disease such as the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Bob has completed advanced studies at Instead University in Fontainebleau, France, and Stanford University. He earned a certificate in vaccinology from the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Bob started his career as a journalist and was editor of the Daily Kent Stater at Kent State University. At Kent, Bob won the national Sears Congressional Internship for his investigative coverage of racial tension on the Kent State campus. He went on to staff work in Congress with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A technology executive on teams that took two companies public, Bob applied his experiences in the mercenary world of high-stakes investment to Public Offerings.  As a vice president with Hewlett Packard and in his roles in building new companies, he traveled the world partnering with large corporations, governments, NGOs, and other international organizations.  Bob has been a mentor for a vaccine formulation company in the National Science Foundation’s regional Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program.

Bob and his wife’s private support of missions in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Central America brought him closer to the day-to-day challenges presented by disease, poverty, war and tyranny.

Bob’s vision for the Public Offerings series began with online communication with a missionary priest in Sierra Leone. Through the courageous priest, Bob learned of the horrors not yet reported in the western press at the time. The priest disappeared and was assumed killed. He became the inspiration for Fr. Jim Reilly in Public Offerings.

Bob lives with his wife in Austin, Texas, where he continues his efforts to help improve health systems. He starts most days writing.

The Serial Novel?

In the spirit of the great serials of early cinema and the serials found in modern graphic novels, Public Offerings is offered in four parts (or in a single complete volume). While each is in many ways a complete book in itself, each of the first three books ends in a cliffhanger. 

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