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One of the best thriller books in years, this political and psychological thriller should be one of the top fiction books in the thriller genre for a long time to come.

Over a million people will die… OR just one innocent young girl whose devoted father must make the choice…
A powerful new voice in literature and suspense... Dave Clement has it all: a wife and daughter he treasures, a deep faith in God, a satisfying career fighting disease, and a job about to make him rich through an initial public offering. Then his 15 year old daughter, Liv, inexplicably contracts HIV, ripping his life and soul apart. When Dave discovers that his own work in West Africa may be responsible for Liv’s disease, he scrambles for a cure, only to become embroiled in a genocidal cabal of wealthy conspirators, including his business partner Claire McQuaid, head of a powerful pharmaceutical firm. Liv’s fate is attached to the outcome of the genocide. If Dave doesn’t cooperate, she and everything he cherishes are doomed.Helped by a missionary priest and a tribal chief in Sierra Leone, Dave peels back the conspiracy’s layers, seeking a way to fight back. But Claire anticipates all possible moves, stopping Dave at every turn. Disease and war loom ominously as the stakes escalate. Then, the final countdown begins, forcing Dave to choose. He must play God with his own child and over a million innocents. Who will live and who will die? And how will Dave live with himself? A politcal thriller that is among the best thriller books in years and is sure to be among the top fiction books.

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A breathtaking roller coaster ride that ascends the snowy peaks of northern Colorado and hurtles through the rainforests of West Africa as Claire and her associates drive their new world order forward. With everything that ever mattered to him on the line, Dave races the clock to outwit the powerful plotters and to save Liv.

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"One of the best thriller books..."

Kirkus Reviews... In LiVolsi's debut thriller, a Colorado pharmaceutical firm may hold the key to eradicating AIDS, but powerful people are willing to kill countless others to find the AIDS cure. LiVolsi's novel, the first in a series of four, is a densely plotted thriller that churns out suspenseful scenes: Civil unrest in Nigeria and Sierra Leone is lucidly detailed with relentless explosions, and even Dave's racing to Liv's volleyball game is tense. Characters are refreshingly intricate. Protagonist Dave isn't a flawless hero; he seems to be an obsessive workaholic. The bad guys are even better; they're villainized by their actions, but while Eldridge is undoubtedly menacing, Claire is tortured, so mentally distraught by her scarred body that she rejects intimacy. As the start of a series, the book establishes a labyrinthine plot...  There's much more teased in Book One than questions answered, from the unknown manner in which Liv contracted HIV and the source of her apparent hallucinations to the fates of numerous characters in West Africa. A terrific launch for the author's series, but readers may want to have the sequels handy.